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Add this to a Lead Magnet for a Successful Marketing Strategy

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

How to rank highly in the YouTube algorithm- plus, 20 creator tips from YouTube

You have likely come across this strategy, but it might not have occurred to you all the ways it can dictate the success of your marketing efforts. What am I talking about?

Creating a YouTube channel

Hear me out. While the thought of being in front of a camera might not sound like fun to you, I bet counting money does. Am I right?

Did you know that Google owns YouTube?

Think of all the times you have googled something, and a YouTube video has come up in answer to your search. It happens all the time. This relationship between YouTube and Google is only one of the many reasons to create a YouTube channel.

Your competition is probably already on YouTube.

Stay in the game by using YouTube to make your brand more visible.

YouTube is a content library.

Sean Cannel of Think Media brought up an interesting fact- Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are content feeds. On the other hand, YouTube is a content library that you typically search for information. People refer to it for solutions to their problems- the same solutions your brand can solve.

What should you consider when designing your YouTube channel?

There are some considerations to be made when using YouTube. One of which is to pick a topic and stay on topic. If you have a beauty brand, you probably won’t record a video about breakfast foods. It wouldn’t make any sense.

The next consideration is the research. You must do some research before you record a video. Thankfully, YouTube uses an auto-finish feature, simplifying your research. When you begin to type a question into YouTube, it will start to finish your question based on common questions on the platform. You can also use tools like VidIq or Ubersearch to complete your research.

This blog post will cover:

  • How to best use YouTube in your marketing campaign.

  • 20 tips- straight from YouTube.

  • How to combine your channel with a lead magnet for maximum impact.

One way to get traffic to your videos is to rank higher than other similar videos. Let’s start there.

How will YouTube Rank Videos in 2021?

  • Relevance

  • Engagement

  • Quality

  • Search and Watch History


Is the content relevant to the search query? According to YouTube, for your videos to be suggested in search, your content, title, tags, description, and video must match the question asked in the search bar.


Engagement is more than likes and comments. Those are vanity metrics.

The engagement metrics considered in your videos’ rankings are audience retention and clickthrough rate. The goal for audience retention is an average watch time of 8 minutes, and you should aim for a clickthrough rate of 10%.

What is a click-through rate?

A click-through rate measures the number of times viewers watch your video after seeing it suggested. For example, if YouTube suggests your video to 100 people, and 10 of them watch your video, your click-through rate is 10%


The best way to get noticed and ranked highly by the YouTube algorithm is to create content your audience is interested in. Content must add value- teach them something they don’t know.

Consistency matters. Your channel should be consistent in the following areas:

  • Message

  • Branding

  • Topics

  • Value proposition

Search and Watch History

Keep in mind that YouTube is a highly specialized content library. The videos suggested for viewers vary by user. All this means is you need to know your target market. What do they want to know? What are their problems?

20 Tips suggested by YouTube’s Creator Academy:

  1. Research your target audience for what they watch, don’t watch, how long they watch, and their preferences.

  2. Experiment with various topics until you find a sweet spot.

  3. Write in-depth descriptions up to 2 paragraphs in length.

  4. Use the translation tools to reach a larger audience.

  5. Serve an audience that is underrepresented, so you have a greater chance of discovery.

  6. Monitor the trending tab for topics relevant to your niche.

  7. Use calls-to-action.

  8. Short intros. If you have an 8-second long intro, you might lose your audience before the video starts.

  9. Short endings. Long endings might prevent viewers from binge-watching your content.

  10. Suggest the next video your audience should watch.

  11. Create playlists.

  12. Link related videos.

  13. Create a binge-worthy series.

  14. Use challenge or list formats.

  15. Upload consistently. If you normally upload once a week, always upload once a week.

  16. When you find something that catches your audience’s attention, stick with it.

  17. Monitor your analytics for traffic sources.

  18. Follow YouTube’s policies.

  19. Create shareable videos. You might get discovered by your audience’s connections.

  20. When suggesting your viewers subscribe, do so by letting them know how they benefit from subscribing.

How do you pair your lead magnet with your YouTube content?

You can easily pair your lead magnet with a YouTube video that explains how to use it on the landing page for your lead magnet and a link to the lead magnet from the YouTube video. For example, if your lead magnet is a template, you could add a YouTube video that gives step-by-step directions for using the template. Your video might also explain the importance of using your template- how does the user benefit?

Then, link a video to the end screen that you suggest the viewer watches next. Don’t forget to ask them to subscribe. By using the lead magnet, the instructional video, and suggesting the next video for your audience, you are creating a relationship built on trust and creating brand recognition.

YouTube Ads

While this technique is an excellent way to get free exposure, you can maximize its effectiveness by using YouTube ads. Doing so will get your brand in front of those interested in what you have to say.

To sum it up:

YouTube is a fantastic way to create brand awareness. Pairing a lead magnet with a YouTube channel is a successful marketing strategy. Relevance, Engagement, Quality, and Search and Watch History are ranking factors for YouTube videos. We went over 20 Tips straight from YouTube, and lastly, we discussed how to pair your lead magnet with your YouTube channel to maximize the value of both and your brand’s perceived value.

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