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How to Effectively Use Social Media Stories for Advertising Purpose?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Social media is the new trend of the era. Digital marketing has reached heights with the effective use of social media. To be fair enough, the principle behind the technique is quite old. Since the advent of marketing strategies, it is a conventional way to put up the ads wherever the mass gathering is. In the previous era of manual advertising, people used to put up hoardings of their brand at places with maximum footfall. Social media is the new place where every other person visits. And it is very likely that if you use social media for advertising, a maximum number of people will notice your brand, and also your website will gain maximum profit.

Many brands have resorted to social media to advertise their product and services, and quite convincingly, it has immensely boosted their sales and popularity. The biggest question is, what should you do to differentiate your social media presence from the other brands? It is the elements that you incorporate within the ads that make an impact on the audience. Advertising on Social media is one of the most direct ways to reach the audience directly. You can target two categories of customers on social media - the new ones and the existing ones.

You must offer content that will attract new customers - the lucrative ones and put up offers that will help you retain your pre-existing customer base.

How can Social Media Stories Help in Advertisement?

Social media Story ads usually come in a full-screen format, and the display of either photos or videos lasts for 15 seconds. If you want to reach your consumers on a direct level, Facebook stories can be fantastic. Your feed post on Facebook may not be viewed by all or fail to reach every nook and corner of your consumer base, but the stories will because most people consider all the stories to remain informed about the highlights of the pages they follow. Since the stories remain visible for 24 hours, these can be great ways to promote one-day offers and to make the customers aware of limited stock collection or any highlight. When most people are asked about the content they would like to see in the story, they wanted it to be short and straightforward, and easily understood within 15 seconds.

Here are three pro tips for creating a successful social media story that can attract consumers:

● Do not add too many frame changes in a single story. The viewer often gets puzzled, and confusion creates aversion from the brand.

● Try to use big, bold letters for the script for ease of readability.

● Keep the content simple and the language easy. You can customize the content for the target audience.

Another significant benefit you can have from stories is that you can directly know the number of viewers' responses. It is a direct outlook into the customer response. If you want to connect with your consumers fast and easy, stories are beneficial.

Advertisement on Different Social Media Platforms

Here are the easiest ways to use popular social media platforms for building your brand image and consolidate the existing one:-


Facebook is one of the most common platforms for social media advertising. It is because the majority of the population includes the potential customer base for your product or service. Since Facebook is the globally used social media platform, it is the easiest way to increase reach and build brand awareness. Facebook is one of the fastest solutions to increase engagement and direct traffic to your website. Facebook encourages video views, generates leads.

Another best part about using Facebook for social media advertisement is - you can directly observe customer reaction. People can directly communicate with the brand via Facebook messenger. Facebook Stories are a fascinating way to attract customers and grab their attention. Through Facebook stories, you can share a sneak peek of your production process with the customers, creating a bond of belief and trust between the consumers and your brands. Facebook stories are a more intimate way of connecting with your audience at a personal level. This belongingness that the customers enjoy and your brand feel their own, so they keep repeating the purchasing cycle. Facebook has around 2.45 billion monthly active users. This user base is a mixed population with people of all ages and in almost every field. The probability of finding potential users is relatively high.


Instagram is the new-gen advertising platform. Instagram also has a considerable user base and is immensely popular, especially among young people. If you want to target your audience's teenage age group, Instagram can be a fruitful platform.

Instagram has more to do with lucrative graphics and more of pictorial than word content. Advertising comes alive with Instagram. Like Facebook, Instagram stories also stay for 24 hours, and you can promote your brand, limited stock offers through Instagram stories. Instagram stories are the place where you can give new wings to your creativity. Instagram gives you immense scope to get creative with your content - add numerous filters, attractive graphics, reels, and give you the vibe of miniature film shooting. You can edit and alter to your heart's content using Instagram stories. So, for manifesting your brand and business in a better and more beautiful way, you can quickly resort to Instagram stories. Instagram stories last for 120 seconds. You can add promotional photos and videos to the stories. Try to feature various interactive elements in your stories.

You can also add poll stickers in your stories to get a direct review of your brand or product from the customers. You can share the making of any new product design or details through your Instagram stories, leading to better customer engagement. You can also use IGTV to advertise for your brand. You can also use the following social media platforms for promoting your brand and products:

● Linkedin

● Twitter

● YouTube

● Snapchat

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