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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

It seems like nowadays every celebrity either has their own line of beauty products or they’re endorsing someone else’s but sadly you can’t always trust your favorite celeb and some of their products can be very dangerous. I’m going to talk about some potentially scary products you should be on the lookout for.

• Jojo Siwa

When it comes to having young role models, it’s harder than you might think but Jojo has always seemed like a safe bet and her whole style is just awesome so she’s pretty much the last person I would’ve expected to put children in serious danger. For a long time, Jojo has been selling her line of signature bows at Claire’s and they’ve been a huge hit.

Kids loved the colorful styles and were excited when Jojo announced a new line of makeup also available at the retailer but there was a serious issue with the new cosmetic line which included eye shadow, lip glosses and nail polish. They tested positive for asbestos and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was forced to recall. They advised everyone to stop using the product immediately or face serious health risks. Breathing in asbestos can even cause cancer and to make the situation even scarier, Jojo’s product was marketed towards kids and young teens.

• Kylie Jenner

There are many people who believe that the fact that Kylie even sells skincare in the first place is pretty suspect. The problem with Kylie’s products is that they might actually damage your skin. Her Walnut Scrub uses extremely abrasive particles meant to exfoliate but experts say that it’s way too harsh. Being too rough with your skin can cause micro tears which may actually expedite signs of aging. Kylie claims her Walnut Scrub is gentle but many people including dermatologists disagree.

• Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is one of the beauty vloggers who has taken her love of makeups offline by starting her own line of makeup products. Some of her fans are having some serious and painful issues with her new line. Jaclyn cosmetics released a line of twenty (20) different new lipsticks and fans were understandably excited about it. Not only did they trust Jaclyn’s advice but the prior products released with her name attached had been successful so it wasn’t a surprise when the line sold out immediately but the customers were less than happy. Initial reports claimed that the lipsticks had lumpy texture, inexplicable hard patches and had emerged crushed from the tube but some of the complaints sounded very scary the reports of hair emerging from the lipstick.

• Kylie Cosmetics

Yes, Kylie Jenner makes the list twice, earlier I talked about her skincare line but now I’ve come to her cosmetic line. Well, actually you might want to maintain your distance from some of her most well known products, everyone knows about Kylie’s most famous lip kits, after all they’re making her a billionaire whether you consider her to be self made or not. They sell out almost immediately but not all her customers are happy with them. In fact, some people have been sent to the hospital after applying them to their lips.

Elizabeth Castellano claimed to have had a terrible reaction to a Kylie Jenner lip kit which resulted to her spending time in a hospital and she isn’t the only consumer that has been negatively impacted by Kylie cosmetics. When Kylie released her peach eye shadow, many customers complained about a strong chemical odor which caused severe migraines. It seems like almost every celebrity has a product they either sell or endorse and I know everyone has celebs they would never want to buy from. Is there a celebrity you would never want to buy from?, if so tell us in the comment section and leave a like.

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