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What You Should Know About Product Packaging

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Imagine a retail brand that sells beauty products. Plenty of their sales occur on-line, but they may have a variety of opposition. You may be trying to use one of a kind strategies for your products. However, there is only one true way you may aspire your logo to stand out... Packaging. Each brand needs to have a packaging that the clients love to the extent that they want to buy just the packaging .

What's Product packaging?

Product packaging layout refers to the appearance of the outside of a product. This consists of selections in fabric and form further to portraits, shades and fonts which can be used on wrapping, a container, a can, a bottle or any kind of field. It entices us through sight, touch and sound, additionally through heady scent and flavor( relying on the product)

Three Levels Of Packaging

• Primary Packaging: It is the packaging in direct contact with the product, sometimes this packaging is used till the expiry date of the product in a different instance it's retained till the consumer is prepared to use it. The primary reason of this packaging is to contain, maintain the finished product.

• Secondary packaging: It is an extra package connected to the product, it's purpose is to protect and help preserve the integrity of the primary packaging. It's retained until the client starts using it.

• Tertiary packaging: These are packaging which might be crucial for storing, identifying or transporting. During this stage products are handled as a distribution unit.

Significance Of A Good Product Packaging

• It Influences Purchasing Choice: Packaging affects a purchaser choice to shop for and whether or not the customer would take into account the product fondly enough to need to buy it again.

• It Reinforces Perceived Price: The size of your product packaging influences perceived value, which means that that depending on the kind of product, consumers may think that the product has more or less monetary value based on how much space it takes up. Also how easy it is to open, storage factors and if it's adorable to look at, helps reinforce perceived price.

• Product Differentiation: The package help the customer to assess the quality of the product and also allow for easy differentiation from other similar product.

Functions Of Packaging

• Identification: It allows for smooth identification of merchandise.

• Safety: Packaging protects a product during storage and transportation and forestalls it from spoilage or breakage.

• Merchandising: Packaging plays the position of silent salesman while helping to draw clients to the product


What You Should Know Before Designing Your Packaging

• What's The Product? It's far vital to answer this questions so you can decide what form of packaging the product would require. The size, fragility, substances and what the product is are crucial questions to answer.

• Consumer Of The Product: A product's packaging should attract it's target market. It's important to recognize your target audience before you begin to design your packaging. For example, product for older adults will require larger text om the packaging while products geared in the direction of affluent consumers need a packaging that creates a feeling of luxury.

• Brand: Your product packaging ought to represent your brand. The color, fonts and brand of your brand should be considered when designing a packaging for a product

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