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21 Helpful Tips on Consumer Behavior

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Consumer Behavior has always been an interest to marketers. In Vishal Tushar Rajani and Preeti Nakhat's article Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping: What They Think Before They Buy, the authors write about the consumer's thinking process and have some exciting things to say about it.

Tip #1

Consumers need information, and it is the information that a consumer wants before they decide on a purchase. Information can be broken down into value and weight. "The value of a bit of information is its assessment, and the weight is the perceived importance of the information" (Rajani & Nakhat, 2019). The higher the value and the weight, the more positive the shopper's attitude.

Tip # 2

The way information is given to the consumer does influence their decision-making, so all eyes should be upon providing the consumer with the best information possible about the product without overwhelming them.

Tip #3

The detail is critical, but the information must be concise.

Tip #4

Since there is a need for the consumer to touch and feel the product, pictures, and video are necessary to close this gap.

Tip #5

If it is clothing, for example, close-ups of the material, the use of a model, and a short video displaying the item and multiple views will allow the consumer to visualize the product.

Tip # 6

Shoppers make decisions based on their previous experiences.

Tip #7

People look for the latest trends online.

Tip # 8

No one reads the return policy.

Tip # 9

Wish-lists are seldom used.

Tip # 10

Website memberships are popular.

Tip # 11

Using product reviews will encourage customers because they give the consumer information about the product. Reviews and item descriptions should be detailed and informative. Bad reviews get the most attention. Listing an item as a "best seller" or "most popular" will motivate the consumer to choose.

Tip # 12

Consumers feel electronics should not be bought online.

Tip # 13

Consumers buy what they need first and to emphasize the need include in the description all the possible uses. If it is a coffee maker, say it would be great not only for hot coffee but iced coffee.

Tip # 14

People will look at items on the website and go to the store to make a purchase, or they will go to the store to see the product close-up and then buy online.

Tip # 15

Consumers learn to shop by observation.

Tip # 16

Consumers do not always shop rationally because often they are in a hurry and do not have time to make that well thought out decision, so convenience is essential. Thus, the shopping experience must be as easy as possible.

Tip # 17

Consumers bought branded items when they were on sale.

Tip # 18

Men do not like to buy clothes online, whereas women do because of the range and variety.

Tip # 19

Using online coupons to make in-store purchases will influence the consumer to shop in-store.

Tip # 20

A detailed description will also help to develop trust. Always make sure it is easy to return a product. Emphasizing the directions will only be beneficial in pleasing and developing trust.

Tip # 21

Security is another significant factor. Ensure the customer that their personal information is safe. Overall, Consumer Behavior can be analyzed repeatedly, and something new will pop up. It is the way we are. We are multidimensional with an infinite number of quirks, and it is always good to know as many of those quirks as possible when it comes to your bottom line.

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