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Anxiety and CBD: A Personal Tale

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

When anxiety strikes

The year was 2019, and something changed. I had dealt with depression from a young age, but now I had a new challenge to overcome. Anxiety. I did have anxious thoughts and feelings before then, but that was the year it spiked. All of a sudden, tasks that were once simple were overwhelming just to think about.

It would keep me in bed most days, and overthinking would mentally exhaust me within an hour of being in public. Anxiety consumed a large amount of the year, and it caused me to lose touch with not only my loved ones but myself as well. My brain became a haze of thought and I spent more time worrying about interacting with people than focusing on the conversations themselves. It caused me to forget things, a lot.

There was a long period of time where my anxiety was a barrier to me seeking professional mental health help. I tried a variety of options to work through my anxiety and function in everyday life. Meditation and mantras got me through the worst days. Sometimes I’d have to look in the mirror and just tell myself “You are worth it! You are determined to get through the day! You are committed to loving yourself even when it’s hard!” It might sound a bit odd, but it worked.

The gift of CBD

It was around the fall of that year that my brother offered me CBD. At the time, I knew little to nothing about it. I knew it came from cannabis, but it didn’t make you high like THC does. After careful contemplation, I accepted. He gave me the CBD in the form of a tincture, and I’d use it under the tongue whenever I was nervous about something coming up.

What CBD did for me

It wasn’t the complete solution, but it worked. What I noticed the most when I first tried CBD was the feeling it gave my body. When I was really anxious, my body was really tense. CBD reduced those tense feelings and made me feel a little more at ease. It also helped my thoughts race a little bit less. That would still happen, but it felt a bit more manageable when I was taking CBD regularly.

Eventually, I was able to find a psychiatrist and therapist that have made an extremely positive impact in my life. Though CBD wasn’t the only solution for me, it helped me function until I was in a better place. Though I don’t use CBD as much now, there’s a place in my life for it here and there. I like to enjoy CBD cigarettes on occasion, and the beauty products can be absolutely wonderful.

CBD works a bit differently for everyone, but it definitely deserves a try. It might not help much, but it also has the potential to work for you tremendously. Even if it isn’t the single solution for you, it could be a big part of the journey of overcoming your anxiety. What’s most important is to seek professional help when you need it, and most mental health professionals have their own insight into what CBD can do for you.

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