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Feeling Great with Delta 8

Reports of a relaxed sense of well-being, clear, lucid thinking and an enthusiastic, determined, and focused energy are just some of the positives being thrown out there when characterizing the use of Delta 8.

But what is Delta 8 and its’ benefits?

  • Delta 8 is another variable chemical composition of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol - the high found in cannabis) but with just a small change in one chemical bond, Delta 8 has an entirely different structure to Delta 9 (Its’ chemical sister) which has a higher percentage of THC in its’ structure and is widely known for giving a much stronger ‘stoned’ feeling.

  • Delta 8 produces chemical messengers, which are responsible for memory, comprehension, and stimulation, to name but a few, and it’s also understood to aid the brain in reorganizing connections after certain head traumas such as strokes.

  • Delta 8 is well known for being a powerful immune system activator and in studies was shown to actually shrink tumors in cancer patients. As well as eliminating feelings of nausea that are associated with chemotherapy, Delta 8 helps to retain the appetite so commonly found to be lacking in cancer patients who are undergoing treatment. For this reason and others, Delta 8 is used in many different types of cancer treatments as it has many positive impacts and far fewer adverse side effects than would be found in Delta 9.

  • Delta-8 is legal for medical or recreational use in any state that CBD is, though it’s kind of in an ill-defined area as it falls between Delta 9 which has strong levels of THC present, and CBD which has zero THC levels, from which it can be converted. It’s all about the percentage of THC present, which legally needs to be below 0.3%.

Delta 8 versus Delta 9

Both Delta 8 and Delta 9 are the only composites that generate all the psychotic effects that can be found in Cannabis. Delta 9 is the more abundant compound and produces more psychoactivity within the brain, delivering a much stronger feeling of being stoned. Delta 8 on the other hand, because of its’ derived unique structure, still gives you a high, but is less intense, and therefore more enjoyable and easier to manage physically and emotionally.

Delta 8 versus CBD

We know that Delta 8 does have certain psychotic effects giving a high of sorts, whereas CBD is non-psychotic, but both are known in their own way for their more positive effect on our physical and mental well-being. Delta-8 has the capability to stabilise the bodies equilibrium, bringing it to a natural state of rest in a similar way to CBD, and when put together, the CBD can reduce the psychotropic effects of Delta 8 and therefore the physiological and psychological benefits of both can be gained with little or no high.

§ There is so much more information out there concerning Delta 8 and the impact it can have on our lives. See below for just a few of the many links that will allow you to delve deeper, and decide if you want to go high, low, or middle of the road.

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