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Future of Marketing on Fortnite

A playable Fortnite character stands overlooking the expansive game map, with the Fortnite logo prominently displayed in the scene.

Something Powerful is on the way. Future of Marketing on Fortnite


Disney, yes DISNEY, just invested 1.5 BILLION dollars with Epic Games for a 10% stake of the company (Article Here), this shows that the gaming industry is growing and many brand names will be looking to go into the digital assets space. As the tech industry continues to grow, the world in the movie "Ready Player One" will be in perspective soon and for the businesses that will adopt, they will be in good position for the future. 

There is over 600 Million registered users on Fortnite and over 10 Million active monthly users between the age of 18-35. As a business, on the low end, getting a 1-2% exposure to this target market will surely convert into sales. 


Game development has improved dramatically over the years especially with Unreal Engine leading the way on creating stunning and eye catching assets, NOT just for the gaming industry but also in the movie industry. As Fortnite and Epic Games have partnerships with Unreal Engine, they have created the Unreal Engine Fortnite Editor giving the creators a massive amount of assets to create worlds like never before. 


The problem:


For Moe's Group, a company that helps businesses grow and scale, we see the need for business owners to look for other channels to help build their brand or scale their company. One of the most important commodities a business owner need is up to date information and a team to execute. There's a lot of questions, especially if the owners are not well verse in this industry and understand how powerful Fortnite and Epic games will be in the near future. I can say over 95% of the business owners would not understand how to leverage Fortnite and their platform for their business. While the other 5% will take full advantage and make ridiculous amount of profit. 


The Solution:

Our solution at Moe's Group is to educate the 95% of businesses so they understand how to take advantage of this platform. We want to let businesses know what Fortnite really is and what they're trying to accomplish. At Moe's Group we have strategic partnerships in place for Fortnite Game Asset development and have teams of social media influencers in place to start building the community. We also want to have our clients understand the potential income streams that can come with this platform. What if i told you the top 10 creators on Fortnite is making anywhere between $300,000 to $2,000,000 on a monthly? The top 100 is ranging anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000 a month (Fortnite Payouts). Sound crazy but it's true. 


For a business owner, their main goal is to keep creating assets for their business and increase their revenue and evaluation. Tradition marketing (ads, influencers, sponsorships, etc) is where you pay to market but the problem is what kind of assets do you have after the marketing campaign? Yes, you get videos, user generated content and some shoutouts on social media , but does it really add assets to the evaluation of the company? As we research and get more familiar with Epic Games and Fortnite, we see this as a MUST in the future of digital assets and marketing. 

the most popular character skins on fortnite


I'm interested, what's next?


Why wouldn't you be interested in learning more? I went down the rabbit whole for months to understand whats going on. If you feel that building Fortnite assets will help you and your business, reach out to me and see if it's something we can work on together. I will share with you my knowledge so we can build a strong foundation for what's coming. Use the link below and schedule an appointment with me, Jason Zhou, to learn more. I am looking forward to hearing from you all. 




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