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How to Attract Customers Through Brand Building

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

People ask many questions when they are about to set up a business. Confusing questions like how to market the goods or services, what kind of people will be interested in purchasing it and if they will like it. All these questions have answers and are just simple tasks to carry out, what you really need to be focused on is building your brand.

A brand is referred to as a customer's overall perception of your business. It is easy to setup a business but not everyone can build a brand which makes up the whole business. A brand isn't just an ordinary name or logo, it is how people feel when they hear or see it.

Branding Building as a Tool

Brand building involves creating awareness for your brand to get a spot in the market. It can be broken down into three stages:

● Brand Strategy This is the first step when creating a brand. It helps convey your brand purpose to people. You need ingredients when you want to prepare a meal, this is the same with your brand. This stage is a foundational one which comprises brand discovery, brand voice and brand story.

● Brand Identity Brand identity is the way you portray your brand to the public with visuals. It includes your logo, colors and fonts, website design and content. A strong brand identity increases brand awareness and places your brand in the forefront. This creates a connection to your customers, builds trust and loyalty.

● Brand Marketing This involves creating awareness to your products or services. This process can be done through digital marketing methods like SEO and content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing.

The Concept Of Attracting Customers

Branding builds trusts between a business and its customers. It makes people to buy from you and keep coming back for more.

Consumers are willing to continue patronizing a brand they trust, Apple is an example of this. Despite the high prices of many Apple products, people still buy it all over the world. There are many other brands which make good tech products like Apple, but Apple has been able to stand out in the industry.

Attracting customers to brand includes the following processes:

1. Find The Purpose of Your Brand

This is what you want people to see your brand as, why it exists and the problems it can solve. Studies show that 50% of customers are concerned with the impact and value of a brand. Find a powerful purpose which can distinguish your brand from others.

2. Position Your Brand In Your Industry

Competitor research is important here, study how other brands are doing in your industry. While studying, it is important not to imitate exactly what they do - you only need to spot the differences and make your own brand stand out.

3. Determine Your Brand Target Audience

You need to understand your potential customers, this works with competitor research. Analyze customers of your competitors and find out why they buy from these brands.

4. Encourage Customer Interaction

Personalize your brand and let customers want to identify with it, the same way they love their favorite items like phones and computers. Give customers a reason to engage with your brand.

5. Promote Your Brand

Once you have set up your brand, you need to start promoting it. You can carry out different promotions like social media ads, email marketing, PPC campaigns - your promotions only need to match your business strategy.

A business cannot stand out without branding. Your brand is your reputation and you need to build it properly. Popular brands in the world have evolved and rebranded, be prepared to adapt changes as it comes.

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