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Marketing trends to take into 2021

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Covid’s permanent impact on marketing

The world looks a little different than it looked at the beginning of 2020. COVID has changed everything about our way of life and the way we consume advertising. But hey, we made it to 2021. A year that’s starting with a way of life different from any new year before now. To kickoff 2021, digital marketing is more important than it has ever been before.

Shifting toward digital marketing

You should definitely be looking into the digital realm to find the marketing trends you need to know as 2021 finds its footing. Though COVID may not be as large of an issue with the vaccine finding its way into our communities, it has still made a permanent impact on consumers and society. More people are online than ever before which gives digital marketing a greater reach. Here are five trends you should be taking into 2021.

Five marketing trends to take into 2021

1. Instagram SEO Keywords

Hashtags used to be the most important factor for searches on Instagram, but that’s quickly becoming a thing of the past. Instagram is becoming more search-friendly, which means that keywords in your image descriptions are now more useful than ever. Your Instagram posts have more possibilities than ever before to make their way onto the search pages.

The possibility of finding the right audience increases when you stay within your niche. Keeping posts focused around a specific subject helps Instagram decide what your account should be categorized as. If your niche is food, you can optimize your page by keeping your posts food oriented. Utilizing this method of posting can maximize your post reach on Instagram.

2. Social Media Engagement

More people are using social media to connect and socialize with their friends and family than ever. Using social media gives you a way to communicate with your customers and build lasting relationships with them. Having the ability to interact with a brand creates a space more trustworthy than billboards and ads on the side of a webpage. It makes your brand more human.

3. Inclusion of Marginalized Groups

Equality and inclusivity is becoming more important in society and marketing as time goes on. It’s becoming increasingly important to marginalized groups that they are included in the advertising of brands they purchase from. People are tired of seeing ads that are one note and don't show the diversity our world has to offer.

Representation can come in all different forms, and your marketing can show inclusivity for all. It’s important to include people from all different races, sexualities, genders, body types and disabilities. This world is vast, and there are so many wonderful people within it. People want media that treats everyone as human, not just some.

4. Visual Search SEO

Text used to be the only way you could search for things on the internet, but now that has changed. You can now search by image or video as well. It’s even possible to search by your own pictures with google lens. If you haven’t messed around with google lens yet, you should give it a try. I opened it up for the first time a couple months ago, and it’s extremely fun to see how accurate it can be.

This means that you want to do your best to optimize the images that you use for your marketing. You should take time to provide alternative text on your images and include keywords in the name of the file itself. If you do good work with optimizing your images, they could easily beat out other listings in the google lens search.

5. Live Marketing

The rise in popularity of live content is another trend you should pay attention to going into 2021. Facebook and Instagram live are becoming more widely used, and there are numerous other social networking sites that offer live streaming features to their user base. Because people have been stuck at home, live videos are extremely important in getting important information and updates to your consumers.

Using live video in marketing has had amazing success in the video game market. Huge conferences such as E3 have been used to build hype within their consumer base. More events like this from all aspects of marketing are moving completely online. Planning live streams for your product or service could prove to be useful for building excitement for your brand.

To follow the marketing trends, look at the world.

While planning for the year ahead, the state of the world is the most important thing for you to think about. Though things may get better, it’s impossible to know how long people will be spending more of their time online. Even once the world becomes safer, it’s likely that there will be a larger amount of people using the internet than there were before.

There are a variety of trends that you can follow in 2021, but I found these ones to be some of the most interesting and important. Are you ready for the year ahead?

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