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Fairbanks Distilling Company

Project Type

Private Labeling


"Working with Moe's Group has been a transformative experience for Fairbanks Distilling Company. Their team brought in advanced technology and innovative strategies that allowed us to refine our production processes and enhance the quality of our spirits. The expertise and tailored solutions they provided have not only increased our production efficiency but also allowed us to maintain the artisanal integrity of our products. Moe’s Group really understood our vision and helped us elevate our operations to new heights. We are incredibly grateful for their partnership and the positive impact it has had on our distillery."

Fairbanks Distilling Company is a pioneering craft distillery located in the heart of Fairbanks, Alaska. Known for its small-batch spirits, this distillery specializes in producing handcrafted vodka made from locally sourced ingredients, including pure Alaskan water, which lends a distinctive clarity and smoothness to its products. Fairbanks Distilling Company is housed in a historic building, adding a rich sense of history and community to its modern distilling practices. They are committed to maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability, making them a beloved fixture in the local community and a must-visit for spirit enthusiasts exploring the depth of Alaska's craft distillery scene.

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