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Hoarfrost Distilling

Project Type

Private Labeling


"Partnering with Moe's Group was an absolute game-changer for Hoarfrost Distilling. Their expertise transformed our production capabilities, allowing us to significantly improve both the quality and quantity of our signature vodka. Moe's Group provided insightful industry knowledge and top-notch technical solutions that helped us navigate our growth challenges seamlessly. They’ve become more than just a service provider; they're an integral part of our distillery family, and we're thrilled to have them by our side as we continue to thrive."

Hoarfrost Distilling is a craft distillery based in Fairbanks, Alaska, renowned for its dedication to creating small-batch, premium spirits. Specializing in vodka, this distillery prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients and pure Alaskan water, which contribute to the crisp and clean taste of their products. Hoarfrost Distilling emphasizes traditional distilling methods combined with modern innovation to produce spirits that reflect the rugged beauty and purity of Alaska. The distillery is also a community fixture, offering tours and tasting events that provide insight into their meticulous craft and the rich distilling heritage of the region.

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