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What Makes White Label and Private Label Products Different?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

What is the Idea Behind White Label and Private Label Services?

If you’re choosing between white label and private label products or services, the first thing to note is that there isn’t much of a difference. There is so little separating the two that many sellers and marketers use them interchangeably. Though they do have the same idea, they are both products developed by a manufacturer to be sold by a brand or retailer, they do have a few big differences. You can keep these differences in mind when choosing which type of product is right for you.

What Makes Both White Labels and Private Labels Unique?

So, maybe your curiosity has been piqued. What is the difference? Here are the core ideas and differences between white label and private label products.

White Label Products

White label refers to generic products or services that can be purchased by retailers or brands to use as their own. These products are branded by request of whoever is purchasing them. The term white label originated in the music industry. Record labels would distribute vinyl records to radio stations and distributors who would put white labels over these vinyls to hide their source from competition.

White label products and services are now so much more vast. They exist in the marketing industry both on and offline. Many white label products can be purchased in bulk, and there is also the option to work with white label digital marketing services. A marketing agency can help spruce up your digital marketing and help your product reach as many eyes as possible. This gives you more time to focus on the other parts of your brand to make it the best it can be.

Private Label Products

Private label products are typically purchased by a single retailer or brand to be sold as their own. Private label products are popular within the fashion and beauty industries. These products are developed specifically for said brand or retailer. Private label manufacturers make products for multiple clients, but they make different iterations of a product for different clients. For example, if a private label manufacturer makes perfumes, they could make different perfumes based on who is purchasing the product.

The Main Differences Between White Label and Private Label Products

There aren’t too many distinctions between white label and private label products, but there are a few things that separate them. One big difference is that white labels are more digital and private labels are more physical. Due to the wide use of digital marketing, a niche has been created that white label services can fulfill. Though there are physical white label products, it’s more common to see physical private label products.

Private label products offer a lot more in terms of customizability due to the manufacturing process. They can be custom-made to perfectly suit your brand, which makes them far more original. White label products are typically made for distribution, which offers quick access to a product that’s ready for your brand to market and sell.

Both private label and white label products and services have so much to offer you in terms of sales and marketing. By taking care of developing the product and/or providing an integral service, you are able to focus on the other aspects of marketing. It assures that you have a reliable and knowledgeable team making the best product or providing the best service possible, while you have more time to make sure everything runs smoothly and is as refined as possible. Do you think white label or private label products and services could help your brand stand out?

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