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Coping with Holiday Business Stress

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

This year has dramatically affected the business world this year. It has caused many delays from people starting their dream company. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s October health tracking poll, two-thirds of the public are worried they or their family will get sick from the coronavirus. As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, many are shunning their holiday traditions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. People are now experiencing a different stress type, replacing the hustle and bustle of having too much to do during the holiday season with uncertainty, isolation, and routine and tradition loss.

For many, the ‘loss’ of the holiday season can plunge them into depression and cause extra stress on top of a very anxiety-inducing year. While we cannot eliminate stress from our lives, you can do things to cope with holiday stress from a business standpoint.

Coping with and managing holiday business stress

1. Quality over quantity

Try to think of this holiday season to create new positive habits or rethink these holidays. You may not have the same experience, but this experience could be different and better in its unique way.

There are some things that we cannot recreate in an online setting, and that is fine. Many people are trying to make the best out of these times virtually by monetizing on social media. If you are interested in being an influencer wanting to start your own product line and offer it to your loyal followers, this can also be a weight lifted off your shoulders with services provided byMoe's group It can create a lot of pressure and stress for those handling that coordination. The holidays are about the quality of your connection to your consumers, not the quantity of your time spent working.

2. Take out time for yourself

Do not overschedule yourself just because you can. Establishing boundaries related to the time you need for yourself and preparing for the holidays will be especially important this year. This care for self includes scheduling memorable and relaxing things just for you.

Once we’re feeling stressed, we get so busy putting our resources towards the stressor that thinking about our own needs sometimes loses priority. We must focus on our minds and bodies; otherwise, they will become weakened, and our immune system can become compromised. That self-care is critical so that we can cope with stress better. Especially during this time of the year, it may seem not easy to start that Hemp or Beauty Cosmetic store you've always dreamed of.

Taking breaks when you need to, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep will help you cope this holiday season. Pushing through and trying to work under much stress can also make things worse, so be in tune with when you need a break. Exercise is one of the best ways to cope with stress. Making time for regular physical activity will release endorphins, which will, in turn, make you feel good. This activity will allow you to think clearly and be creative when it comes to business decisions.

3. Limit your expectations

Accept that not everyone will get what they want this year. Our choices may be different from others, but that’s okay. Try to enjoy this time with your family as much as you can. Do not spend too much time stressing to accomplish your business goals when there are always Octopus Labs to care for what you need.

You cannot make your stressors go away – they are what they are, but you can control how you respond. It does not mean that stress naturally goes away, but you can try to handle it in ways that make it less overwhelming. It is why you should consider Octopus Labs this upcoming year so that you can have an easy transition into a prosperous new year.

If you’re looking for an easy, quick and safe way to cope with the holiday business stress factors, you must check out Moe's group range of services. We offer everything your company needs in order to succeed because we manufacture successful brands.

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