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Do You Know About These Important Functions of Packaging?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

According to, packaging is “the package in which merchandise is sold or displayed.” They also describe it as “an act or instance of packing or forming packages.” But to a business owner, the packaging is so much more than that. Let’s take a look at the many functions of packaging for businesses.

An Informed Consumer Will Become a Happy Customer

Inform, Identify and Simplify

The easier it is to find information, the more likely your product will fly off the shelves. In this fast-paced grab and go world, if your product isn’t the first one the consumer can identify with, then they very well may walk away with your competitor’s product instead.

You can simplify the process even further by incorporating a little color. For example, make all your products one unique color to make them easy to identify. Or, if you have flavored products, you can relate the packaging to the flavor. Purple for grape flavor, blue for blueberry, you get the drift.

What information will you typically find packaging?

  • Product Name

  • Barcode

  • Manufacturer contact information

  • Maximum retail price

  • Sell-by and expiration dates

  • Date of manufacturing

  • Warnings

  • Net weight

  • Ingredients

  • Nutritional information

  • Preparation instructions

  • Recipes or serving suggestions

  • Proper disposal information

Protective Packaging Keeps Everyone Safe

Safety First

Protective packaging is especially critical to ensure safety for everyone involved. Manufacturers, transportation crew, and consumers alike require protection from hazardous materials such as products that contain flammable liquids and gasses, radioactive elements, toxins, drugs, and other dangers.

Ensure Your Product Remains Fresh and Clean

Reduce Waste

From production to purchase, handling puts your products through a lot. Chances are, you will need to protect them from things like bacteria, mold, extreme temperatures, moisture, contaminants, and pests. Package your products appropriately to preserve their quality and reduce waste.

Feel Confident Your Product Arrives in One Piece

Physical Protection

Along the same lines of reducing waste, you’ll want to make sure your product arrives in perfect condition. Packaging that includes shock protection can save your products from destruction during the rough handling of transport and storage.

Efficiency Puts More Products on The Shelves

Ease of Transport, Stacking, Shelving, and Storing

We know that packaging keeps your products safe during transportation and storage, but there are other benefits as well. During transport, providing products that are easy to maneuver will significantly increase the speed they get from location to location. Are you able to package multiple items individually and then together? Even better.

Once those packages arrive at their designated location, they will need to be stored. The more manageable they are to stack, the more the retailer can keep on their shelves and in their back room. Another consideration for storage is the customer. For some products, quality packaging to keep it in when not in use provides a valued benefit.

When you design packaging to meet the needs of all the functions listed above, you ensure the positive reputation your business deserves by providing high-quality products that arrive quickly.

If you’re ready to discuss packaging ideas for your business, we’d love to hear from you. Quickly connect with an online inquiry through our website, or reach us by phone where our specialists are ready to chat. At Moe's group, your product success is our number one priority.

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