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Discover the Hidden Fortune that Lies in Proper Product Packaging

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Product packaging is as important as the product itself, it goes beyond protecting your product. A well-packaged product offers your brand, huge market advantage over other products. What makes a product well packaged? Is it the design, material choice, or product size? While these are important features to consider while packaging your product, picking up any preferred design or product size does not guarantee the success of your product in a competitive market. Product design is a more encompassing business strategy that requires market analysis and a customer-centric approach.

Customer Category and How Packaging Influences Their Choice

There are two categories of customers, potential customers, and regular customers. The focus on the latter is about retention, while the plan for the former is about conversion. We have two kinds of people that walk into a shop. The first set is those who know what they want, they simply go to the shelf and pick their “usual”, while the second is those who need a little convincing to make a choice. At one point or the other, we’ve all belonged to either of the two categories. The first question is, why did you pick that new product amongst other brands on the shelf. The second question is, why do you always pick that same product when your options are wide, aren’t you bored yet.

How Product Packaging Attracts New Customers

To address the first question in simple terms, the manufacturer did a good job in appealing to your emotions, and this is the line on which product packaging operates. Humans act based on logic and emotions. As a manufacturer, if you can address logic-based customer decisions, such as making the price and quantity of your product reasonable, you are left with tackling the more difficult one, emotions.

According to Business Insider, you have only 7 seconds to convince potential customers to buy from you. Your packaging plays a subconscious role in the minds of your target audience. Having the right factor, such as colors that evoke certain emotions and elements that can trigger their desires to use your products is an essential aspect of packaging.

When packaging is done effectively, it lures the target audience into making a purchase. Why do you suddenly get attracted to brands that package their products and leave a part of it visible or transparent? You pick it off the shelf and keep flipping it from side to side, as you feel and admire it, next you want to unravel the rest of it and before you know it, it ends up in your shopping cart. That exposure is not there due to lack of adequate material to cover up the entire product, it is there to build your anticipation. Think of this effect as a movie trailer, which if well clipped together should make you want to see the movie.

Using Effective Product Packaging to Retain Your Customers

To answer the second question, why do you keep picking the same product. It is simple, the packaging attracted you and the product did not disappoint.

If your product is properly packaged, it should be distinct and have unique icons such as logos and colours that makes customers identify them easily.

Products that give customers a great unboxing experience is likely to have a recurrent purchase. Basic features such as adding a pre torn “tear here” on the product make life easier for the user. Remember that just as first impression matters when it comes to product packaging, your product should live up to expectations. Having a different item from what is displayed on the pack is one way to ensure your customer never comes back.

Finally, I believe you now understand why you should invest your resources into packaging your products properly. To learn more about product packaging tips that makes top brands stand out, you can read the next article on They Want Your Product, But Your Packaging Says NO!

If you are interested in finding out more about product packaging, feel free to reach out to us HERE. At Moe's group, seeing your product succeed is how we succeed.

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