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Here's a Quick Way to Attract Buyers

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

A robot walks into a beauty store to purchase a vitamin C serum. He meets the sales person who tries to convince the robot to buy a vitamin C face cream. Instead, the sales person lists various benefits of the face cream, but the robot refuses and decides to buy the vitamin C serum.

If it was a person who walked into that store, the sales manager might or would have successfully convinced the person to buy the face cream. This is because the sales manager can easily convince the person that face cream would work faster and do more than the vitamin C serum. A robot would make decisions based on logical factors only, but humans are not robots so they will never make decisions based on logical factors only.

A Not So Secret Every Brand Should Know

Each person is pursuing one of three basic needs: Health, Wealth and Relationship. So every customer that walks into your store is looking for fulfilment in either one or two of those categories from your store. So your store(your niche) is a sub market from these three categories. Once you understand this, you'll see a lot of improvement and you'll be helping your buyers to satisfy some of their basic needs.

People buy products and services because they have a problem which they believe it can solve. As a brand your duty is to convince buyers that you the best solution to their problem, to do this, they must first be aware of your brand.

When a buyer realizes that they have a problem or a need, they proceed to research to solve the problem/need. It is at this stage that you put your brand on the radar of target customers. There are a number of ways to do this:

Through Google: A brand’s aim is to ensure that during the consumer’s search for a brand, your brand can provide a solution. The only way this can happen is when you work with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Team. Your SEO team helps you figure out the best strategies to use to ensure that you get to the top of Google organic search result.

Online Marketplace: Online marketplaces play an important role in consumer’s buying journeys. So create a strong presence in these marketplaces. For that to happen, this involves carrying out successful sales and receiving a lot of positive reviews.

Social Media: Social media is an important part of people’s daily lives, which is why it is necessary to use these networks to connect with potential customers. Social media ad campaigns are a good way to go about it.

Sneak Peak Into Your Buyer’s Head

To understand the psychology of your buyer, you should first create a detailed persona which represents a typical group of your buyers. Create a name for the persona, find a picture that perfectly represents that person and describe that person. The description should include: job, responsibilities, ambitions, fear, happiness, inspiration, etc. Answer these questions and document your answers so that you and others on your marketing team can use it as reference. Spend time understanding your buyer so that you can communicate in a manner that causes them to take action.

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