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How important are First Impressions in Packaging Products?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Come with me back to your high school years for a moment. This could be a painful memory or nostalgic one depending on your personal experience!

What most teens have in common though, is they are still trying to figure out who they are. Being accepted by their peers and impressing others is important. The main way they do this is how they present themselves. Their clothes, hair, shoes, and makeup for girls.

I remember spending each evening before school the next day, carefully selecting my clothes; even trying them on to be sure it looked right. Was it giving me the image I wanted to portray to others? Would that cute guy notice me? Would my friends think I looked cool and want to be seen with me?

The first day of high school was especially full of pressure because that was your chance at a first impression. The way others perceived you on that first day pretty much set in their minds who you were for the entire year!

Now back to the present day. You’re walking through the aisles at the store looking for that shampoo that will help your hair be silky, bouncy, manageable and smell heavenly. The first thing that catches your eye is how the product is presented. Do the colors, font, and images appeal to you? Is it attractive? Is the product description clear and to the point of the qualities and benefits of what’s inside?

If you're at home shopping on your laptop scrolling through hundreds of shampoo brands, what is it about the packaging that makes you stop scrolling and click on that product to learn more?

In today’s busy and cluttered world, brands have just a few seconds to make an impression. Fail to capture that ounce of attention that makes us linger at a product in person or online, and they’ve lost a potential customer.

Humans tend to make snap judgments. We rely heavily on just a few senses, mostly vision. If a product doesn’t draw us to it right away by what we see on the front of it, we keep walking or scrolling. Similar to the first day of high school, we have that first moment where others decide if they want to walk up to us to learn more about what’s inside.

A branded packaging experience is a thoughtful selection of shipping and packaging materials in addition to the way you choose to present your products. This strategy provides additional value for your customers, creating a positive first impression of your brand. Ideally, one that’s memorable, shareable, and one that customers want to experience over and over again!

A recent survey on Dotcom Distribution found 40% of buyers are likely to make repeat purchases from sellers with premium looking packaging. It makes a brand feel upscale, as well as builds anticipation for delivery when ordered online.

Building a long term brand means bringing customers back time and time again. Repeat customers means you can focus on retention and customer loyalty, which moves you off that round and round carousel of always trying to find new customers.

So, how do you create a package for your product that successfully draws in the customers you’re wanting to sell to? What are the considerations? What will make it stand out from your competitors product?

Here are 4 steps to great product packaging that have proven over the years to give you, the seller, and the customers both the experience you’re looking for:

#1 Know Your Product

  • What is the weight

  • Number of items per package

  • Shipping conditions

  • Storage temperature

  • How to protect product from damage

  • What packaging product suits it best; cardboard, tissue bag, a spray or pump bottle, glass jar, stretch/shrink film, foil, etc.

  • Does it need a childproof lid

#2 Who’s Your Target Audience

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Personality traits

  • Hobbies

  • Location

  • Lifestyle

  • Budget

  • What do they watch on TV

  • What is their clothing style

Promoting a product to an undefined audience is comparable to swinging at a piñata blindfolded.

You may luck out and make a contact here or there….but ultimately, you’re going to be waiting for the next guy or gal to come along and finish the job for you. So….Do you want to keep swinging away or attract the specific individuals who actually want and need your product? The answer is obvious!

#3 Appearance Of Your Packaging

  • Are color choices attractive pleasant, and eye catching

  • Does the font reflect the vibe you want your product to give

  • Does the overall appearance appeal to your target audience

  • Is product described clearly and simply without eye distracting clutter

  • Does the packaging make it easier to guess what’s inside? You don’t want a bottle of juice meant for kids, to look like an energy drink!

  • Is your logo memorable and easy to recognize

#4 Look At Your Competitors Packaging

  • Do all your competitors use earth tones? Try bright colors!

  • The size, shape, and material of your packaging can differ, so it stands out

  • Your competitors packaging is enclosed. Your packaging can have “windows” in them so consumers can see exactly what they’re getting

  • Go green! Having recyclable packaging when competitors don’t, will encourage shoppers to choose yours

Clients will remain loyal to a product if the company makes them feel understood and cared for by being consistent, sincere, and listens to them. Similar to a good relationship! Remaining loyal and dependable is the best way to ensure rapid growth and success to your company!

If you are interested in manufacturing a product. Moe's group Inc. will help you every step of the way. The vision you have for your product will be realized when combined with their years of experience and expertise so you can launch a successful product! Click here to review their website and to ask any questions.

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