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How to Create a Product Your Clients Will Crave

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

You might have heard of white label products but are uncertain of what it means. Alternatively, you might know what it means but be uncertain of how your business could benefit from offering white label products. If either of these questions are on your mind, you will be happy to know that within this blog post you will find:

  • What are white label products?

  • 3 examples of white label products.

  • 3 benefits of offering white label products.

What are white label products?

According to Jennifer Byrd, white label products are generic products which are created by a manufacturer and purchased by multiple sellers. Then, each seller puts their brand name on the product.

An article by Investopedia mentions a possible disadvantage of white label products. The possible scenario arises when a brand “copycats” the look of another brand’s labelling. This is sometimes illegal and always unethical. I mention it because I want to differentiate white label goods from copycat goods, since many people confuse the two.

3 examples of white label products are:

  • Kirkland-branded products at Costco, which are a generic offering that is similar to a brand-name product, but at a lower cost. In the image below, you can see the youtuber who did a comparison between Kirkland Moisture Shampoo and a shampoo by Pureology brand. The products are likely very similar, and might even be manufactured through the same manufacturer.

  • Walmart Great Value Brand

  • Target Smartly

*In fact, Target has several store brands, and each has its own target market.

3 benefits of selling white label products

1. White label products can be safer than dropshipping.

Opposed to selling unseen drop-shipped products, you could avoid being surprised with unsafe or poor quality products by choosing to research the best white label manufacturers, viewing their reviews, and choosing the manufacturer that is best for your brand.

2. White label products can save time.

Instead of formulating your own products, you can chose a formula that has already been performing well in your target market. Why reinvent the wheel? White label products are a blueprint for success. Simply follow the blueprint.

3. White label products can save money.

When you choose to sell a type of product, you need not worry about formulating and learning what works through trial and error. That means you won’t need to pay to keep reformulating. Simply find a formula that works and add your brand name to it.

The Takeaway

White label products are typically made from proven, popular formulas and sold to a brand who wants to place their name on the products. Selling white label products can provide your business with many benefits, including (but not limited to) being safer than some dropshipped products, saving your business valuable time, and saving your business money. It’s worth noting that the time and money you can save by using white label products can be used for marketing and promotional activities, allowing you to stretch your dollar even further.

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