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How to Create a Strong Brand Identity in 2020

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Is brand identity just another way of saying brand? Absolutely not. Brand identity is only one small part of developing a brand. So what exactly is brand identity then, and where does it come into play?

Brand identity is the graphic elements of your brand. From your color palette to your typography, anything people see associated with your brand is part of building your identity. Let’s take a look at some of the elements you will use to create this.

  1. Color Palette(s)

  2. Typography (font) and Shapes

  3. Logo(s), Images and Graphics

  4. Name and Tagline or Slogan

The key to creating a strong brand identity is consistency.

Because your brand identity is everything visually related to your brand, using it consistently throughout your platforms is vital. What does this mean? Your platforms are everything you use to run and promote your business.

Think storefronts, websites, email campaigns, social media platforms, stationery, billboards, blogs, brochures, ads, tradeshow displays, business cards, promotional items, anything where people see something that represents your business.

Using your brand identity consistently will lead to brand awareness, giving you an edge over your competition. How? It’s commonly referred to as the halo effect. After a consumer has had a positive experience with one of your products or services, they are more likely to select other products of yours in the future.

The halo effect leads to brand loyalty. When shopping, if consumers come across a product that they recognize, due to brand identity, as belonging to a business they have had a previous positive experience with, they are likely to purchase that item over similar products or services offered by the competition.

Your Brand Image Is How Consumers View Your Business

Your brand image is not strictly what you want or hope for it to be. Instead, it’s how the outsiders looking in actually perceive your business. For this reason, it’s critical to understand your audience before creating your brand image. Only when you consider both who your target audience is and who you want your business to be will you be able to create a strong brand identity.

What You Need to Know About Your Target Audience

1. Who is in the market for your product or service?

Are the majority of those consumers young or old, men or women, online shoppers or store shoppers? This information will help tremendously with your design choices. Color palettes, fonts, how you advertise, and your phrasing should all be determined by looking at who you’re targeting.

2. What occupations, hobbies, and interests do these consumers have?

If you come across similarities, keep them in mind when designing your brand image. Playing to your prospects’ wants first, then to their needs, will make your brand image stronger.

3. What does your target audience want most from your business?

Are they looking for a product or service that falls within a specific price range? Are they more interested in stellar customer service and a good warranty? Perhaps they’re concerned about the environment. It’s easier to convert prospects into customers when they know up front that your business meets their requirements. Use this in your tagline or logo to help lure them in.

Once you have a clear understanding of your target audience, it’s time for the fun part. Combine your new-found information about your target audience with what you already knew about your business and start designing.

Keep these essential points in mind as you brainstorm:

1. Do the brand identity elements you’ve selected appropriately represent your business? When you look at them, do you see something relatable to your company?

2. What impression do you think the elements you have chosen will leave on your target audience? Did you select brand identity elements that speak to their demographics, wants, and needs?

3. Will you be able to effectively utilize the elements you have chosen across all of your platforms? Make sure that your brand identity elements will be compatible with all mediums your business will be using. Keep in mind your growth potential to ensure you don’t limit future possibilities.

If your company is looking to create their very own brand identity, we’d love to help. Our specialists are standing by. Give us a call or submit an inquiry through our website today. When you work with Moe's group, your product success will always be the number one priority.

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