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Without a White Label: When Doing It Yourself, Isn't All That

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Entrepreneurship, the sweet sound of freedom and control. You are in charge of a brand you have worked so hard to create. You have determined your brand image and designs. You own the trigger and call the shots. Yet, the target is almost never white labelling or outsourcing products from digital marketing agencies.

You find presiding over every process involved in the production stage as a prerogative of a business owner because nothing gets past you. The problems are expected to be solved by employing 'do-it-yourself solutions.' Building a solution from the bottom, can as well if not disproportionately, be a first step into failure. These are the lessons you learn when you try to build it all by yourself.

Skillful hands are required in every phase of production journey.

Competence is one key factor determining how long your company will stay in business. In many cases, at no point in the production process are tasks handled with mere ability or passing knowledge and come out satisfactory to the target market. If the goal is satisfying the client, and providing solutions which are liable to be above your capability, then it is important that skill should not be downplayed.

When building a service marked by interconnected features that can not consist when separated, the process of production requires niche-specific hands. And when you take it upon yourself to cater for these needs, there will be mistakes. For instance, are your products shoes?

Congratulations! You are now up against some hurdles...Can you design a shoe? Are you good at the craft of shoemaking? What do you understand by molding a product into scope of your brand promise? How about marketing and representation on the virtual space? Do you rely on hiring professionals and experts to continue from where your efforts stop? This is where you bring paid labor into the picture,

You spend more than is necessary.

You want to create a software to aid copywriting, but you do not know how to gather data or analyze them. What do you do?

You hire!

Once you have brought in everyone needed for creating solutions projected to satisfy consumers into your employ, your budget will need an adjustment. This is due to the cost of developing tools which includes cost of production, marketing, training of staff with potential, and remuneration of experienced staff. The latter is likely to be the most promising investment because of the contacts they must have gathered with their wealth of experience.

For instance, a white label SEO firm has experts in the various fields instrumental to the execution of a project. And since with expertise comes longevity, and with longevity comes trust-based relationship with a lot of customers, blogs, websites, you are in for quite a financial discussion.

Various surveys have submitted that, on average, SEO experts get paid $150 for every hour they spend on your job. Now think about paying them. Monthly. Never forget you are a fresh startup with a vision to take the business world by storm. Fiverr and Upwork, at first consideration, might seem the ideal contingency plan, however freelancing might prove abortive if the freelancer doesn't share the same vision with you. You don't work with uncertainty when consumer satisfaction is the primary objective.

There is no control over your time.

One of the currencies with which you fund your customer relationships is time. How long does it take you to present a solution? There is a lot already going on with assisting and supervising your staff. Too much scrutiny is placed on product design, details as well as. As you work with individuals adept at a particular niche, there is the bulging responsibility—and need— to keep yourself well within the range of their proficiency level which is above yours.

The ropes are not learned overnight and technical knowledge takes time. As you update yourself with new information pertinent to a product or service, other facets of your business suffer an attention deficit. Taking it outside the company's unidirectional schedule, other needs of your target market will have to wait until your firm is able to attend to them. And consumers do not like to wait.

No diversity of products, solutions and services, which means dissatisfied clients /customers.

Human wants are not quantified or limited by what satisfies them at one point; one met goal is a prelude to another. When invested neck-deep into building a service from scratch, you stand the risk of losing your footing when you try to shift your focus on another terrain rather than transition smoothly into it.

In many cases, it is almost impossible to cater to the various needs of prospects if you are responsible for a systemic operation characteristic of your company. Because you have no white label agency handling this crucial part of your business affairs, you are stuck with that one product or service. Patronage is sustained when customers can rely on your ability to get all jobs done, or a good number of jobs if merciful. If your organization can't meet up with different demands, your prospects go to the competition, believing you cannot deliver.

White label agencies relieve you of a good measure of the harsh trappings of entrepreneurship and your penchant for serving people. Give this burden to agencies with the core competence for it. To employ measures to make your customers return to you, reach us on Or give us a call HERE and one of our specialists will assist you.

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